Buy a saffron smart flower cleaner with subsidized facilities

Buy a saffron smart flower cleaner with subsidized facilities in iran

The commercial unit of Vali Agricultural Intelligent Systems Company announced the conditions for using subsidy facilities for buying saffron flower cleaners for Iranian farmers:

Due to the approval of the level 1 knowledge-based product and registration in the systems of domestic manufacturing machines, innovation fund and obtaining technical approvals, cheap support facilities will be provided for buyers.
The Agricultural Intelligent Systems Company, which is now ready to enter the market after producing a semi-industrial sample in 2017 and an industrial sample in 2018from the saffron flower clearing machine, has prepared special facilities for its leading customers.
According to the company’s commercial unit, these facilities have been prepared after many follow-ups from the relevant institutions, and the main steps of obtaining these facilities have been taken. So that customers in 2019(for delivery 2020) will be able to use this facility.
Of course, the amount of facilities will be limited and only to the leading customers and main partners and companions of the company in the market entry stage. Due to the knowledge-based nature of the product and obtaining the relevant approval in the spring of this year (2018), this facility has a special discount on interest rates.
One group of these facilities has a 50% discount on profits, 6 months of breathing and three years of repayment. That is, the interest rate is 9%. Of course, the customer has to pay 30% in advance, and the rest is paid in 2.5 years.
Another group of facilities has a 4% subsidy interest rate and a 5-year repayment rate, although the amount is limited.
In any case, customers can repay the remaining 2.5 to 5 years after paying 20 to 30 percent of the contract amount, and after using and making a profit from the device. That is, they will actually pay the next installments of the device’s operating profit.
These facilities will be allocated to the company’s leading customers. Here’s how to put one together for use with your leading customers:
Buyers of the product in 2018-2019(delivery 2019)
Colleagues in setting up a shared service workshop in 2018-2019
Customers who have the ability to supply off-season flowers to the company and do so according to schedule (flowers are purchased by the company at a fair price)
Those who send an e-mail to the company earlier, announce their application for the device in 2018-2019(delivery 2019) and 2019-2020(delivery 2020).

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