Saffron with color power 350? Can we have it

Saffron with color power 350? Can we have it

How can the astronomical cultivars of saffron quality be achieved by accelerating saffron processing?

Consumption of saffron in the food industry is more than anything because of its color. Of course, flavor has its own place, but the natural and unique color of saffron has a special role in customer-friendlyness of many products (from drinks to ice cream and desserts and saffron rice).

Therefore, the greater the coloring power of saffron, the higher its price and value will be. In laboratories, coloring power is measured based on the amount of absorbable crocin. Currently (according to the national standard of saffron), the amount of crocin in the best types of saffron (cut thread or jewel) is about 230. Of course, some of the best types of Negin have more painting pobut this is not the whole story. Some market participants are talking about producing products with the Crosin 350. A number that is very attractive, and in Spain and other countries, customers are also cashing in. However, it is not possible to produce such products on a large scale. Why?
The main reason is that a very important factor in maintaining the quality of saffron (including the power of coloring) is the acceleration of harvesting, processing and drying. This means that the faster the flower is harvested and extracted, the higher the quality. High quality saffron with a color power of 350 is also extracted in a situation where the saffron is processed quickly after harvest and dries quickly.
But in the current structure of the agricultural sector, saffron is distributed and handed out between cities and individuals on the outskirts of cities hours after harvest, and therefore the quality is lost. At best, for large volumes of saffron in the country, there is a gap of 24 to 48 hours from harvest to drying. This means losing the coloring power and aroma of saffron!
However, many professional residents of the saffron industry have stated that if efficient saffron processing machines are created, the need to transfer saffron flowers from farms to the suburbs for processing will be eliminated and by accelerating processing in a healthy and controlled environment. It is possible to produce a high volume of saffron with a color power of 350 and even more. This will greatly increase the added value of the agricultural sector.wer up to 270.

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