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    The first saffron processing machine with artificial intelligence technology

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saffron processing machines

buy the world’s first intelligent saffron processing machine produced by Vali Sistem Company

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The first saffron processing line with artificial intelligence technology in the world

  • processing capacity: 25 kg per hour
  • wasted Stigma : less than 1%
  • Stigma purity: more than 99%
  • output quality: 80% pushal, 20% Negin
  • Acceptable input of the device: all kinds of saffron flowers and buds
  • Suggested space: 20*7*4 meters
  • Power consumption: 20kw
  • Number of required workers : 5 workers and 1 user
Key features
+ 1 Kg
Cleaning capacity
100 %
Stigma wasted
+ 1 %
Stigma purity
Services and guarantees

Launch, install & deploy the machine

Repair, supply & replacement of parts

Warranty on Parts Supply

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