Our products

The Vali’s smart agricultural systems corporation, which has been formed and operating for the past five years, have produced or are developing a variety of products about machanisation.

sorting and identification system based on shape and color

One of the main issues in the heading and packaging industry is the identification of different components and their classification based on shape, size and color. Using new technologies, the governor’s company has provided the possibility of identifying and separating different types of products based on shape, color and size. This system can be used in dried fruit industries such as raisins and some legumes, as well as seruming all kinds of coriander and onions. For example, raisin black beans can be distinguished from green or yellow varieties.

Vibration and wind power feeder system

Another product produced by Vali Company is the feeder system, which is designed in different types of vibration and vacuums. Power systems are usually used at the beginning of many production lines to inject material into the line. The main job of the bulk input conversion system is from products to the optimal input of the production line.

dry Saffron cleaner

Saffron cleaner is another product of the company that is widely used in this industry. During the saffron harvesting and processing, some impurities such as hair, carpet lint, etc, are usually added to it, which makes it very important to purify the final product. This process is usually done manually and with a lot of time and money, but the company has designed a mechanized system to do this process. This product is in the process of being developed.