Conditions for setting up a saffron processing workshop

Conditions for setting up a saffron processing participation workshop in Iran

Due to the limited supply of resources to support the establishment of mechanized and hygienic saffron processing workshops, the conditions related to the project were announced.
According to the Governor’s Office of Smart Agricultural Systems, those interested in setting up a participatory workshop can take advantage of the facilities provided by the interest rate of helpers, 6-month-old Tennessee and 4-year repayment. According to this plan, a mechanized saffron processing workshop will be set up using a smart saffron Golpakken machine produced by the Vali Agricultural Intelligent Systems Company in a tripartite cooperation. The conditions of the plan are such that it is enough for the applicants to consider the annual cost of processing operations (Golpakkani) to pay the installments, and after 4 years, they become the main owners of the workshop and the machine.
Project Collaborators: Applicant and Workshop Manager, Facility Provider Institute and Device Provider Company (Smart Governor)
How to participate: 20% of the governor’s smart company and 80% of the applicant
Applicant: 100 million Tomans in cash, a suitable and equipped workshop for installing the device and 600 million Tomans in installments (repayment of subsidy facilities)
Facility conditions: 4 years and with an interest rate of 9 to 15 percent and with 6 months of breathing
important points:
Resources are limited and will be allocated to applicants based on priority. Production cooperatives, co-operatives and farmers in disadvantaged areas will have priority.
If the applicant wishes, after the 4-year or during the valley or during it, he can buy all the shares of the workshop and become the owner of the machine and the workshop.
Applicants can send their first and last name, surname, place of residence and location for the construction workshop to the mobile number 09397522455 or the company’s email.
After initial registration and verification, the names of the applicants for accreditation will be sent to the facility provider.


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